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Seams Sew Sweet

Seams Sew Sweet

$ 3.50

This blank greeting card features a hand designed image of a vintage portable Singer sewing machine that's perfect for any occasion.

The artist's story behind the design

Margaret was one of our family's dear friends. Silvery white hair and a little hunched over, we loved her spunky personality and teased her about her obsession with antiques. We enjoyed spending time with her and she enjoyed spending time with us. I remember we were sitting around our sturdy old kitchen table at the farm, sipping coffee and playing a game of dominos after one of our special occasions. Margaret was always coming up with ideas. She loved my artwork and note card collection. She just had to encourage me to feature a drawing of her mother’s vintage portable Singer sewing machine. She was quite adamant about it and excited that she had come up with the idea. Knowing Margaret, I decided I better take her idea seriously and I sensed it would mean a great deal to her. She told me how popular quilting had become and informed me there were quilt shops in big cities and small towns all over the region that tour buses full of quilting enthusiasts would travel to on weekends to visit and shop and that they should be able to enjoy my artwork too. Well, I got right on it! And “Seams Sew Sweet” has become one of the most popular designs in my collection. Thank you Margaret for your encouragement.

This is one of My Inspired Memories.

Features a blank inside. An open canvas to add your own unique memory for the loved one receiving the card.

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Size: 4.25"x 5.5"

All of our cards have matching envelopes.

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